Will I be the one to Die next?

Another is a series that just ended (currently) this Winter 2012


26 years ago, in a third-year classroom of a middle school, there was a student named Misaki. As an honors student who was also good at sports, the charming girl was popular with her classmates. When she suddenly died, her classmates decided to carry on as if she was still alive until graduation. Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers to the class, and he grows suspicious of the fearful atmosphere in that classroom. In particular, there is a beautiful, aloof girl named Mei Misaki who wears an eyepatch and is always alone drawing pictures.


*major spoiling ahead*


Oh yes, This Show was intense, but what makes this show really good must still be because of the first rate background music, the characters and the eerie atmosphere they so tried hard to build up. The Animation was solid as well as the ending episodes every week (though it didn’t really made me say “I want more” kind of way)

*ehem* But let’s go back and crack some things up,

The mystery for my own opinion was refreshing. Refreshing that it’s something new, having an “another” person inside of the class which no one knows who until the end of the semester. People die and until they discover who the extra person is, the calamity will not stop. Yes, that’s pretty okay for a mystery and many things could happen with that plot, but let’s face it, there’s something about the FLAWS of the story that makes everything pretty stupid from the start & the worst part was, they even dropped something dull at the end.

If the school already knows what’s happening how come they still keep on admitting students on that class, like wise how can students go to school knowing they could die any minute? even if they tried doing some things like the “charm” as they did with Misaki having her played as a non-existent. Any time, things could go wrong or did they possibly believe that they could just get away with it? Next, if ever, did the school not know? How come they don’t know? When people die! Yes, it’s not just students inside the class but actual people who’s related to them, call it coincidence, I say not. But the most peculiar thing was, other students don’t know it (Kohai), and over shadowed it as a mere “rumor”. Still, they didn’t make it clear, were they brain washed? Not really since some people knew someone died (Sakakibara’s Grandparents), and that lack of clarity could get pretty annoying.

Next was how the whole show wrap it up, I had the feeling that Mikami-sensei was somewhat strange but I was sticking to my guess this whole time that Reiko was the extra person, but it didn’t hit me that they could be the same person, yes I was a bit surprise but, let’s not focus there, let’s talk about our little Misaki who knew who the another person was all this time.  They decided to make it as “I can’t tell Sakakibara-kun since Reiko is important to him” but I think that was really stupid. One, Reiko was already dead and you can’t possibly be very considerate to a dead person. Two, I know it’s very doubtful but she should have tried, as a person, she should, I mean, its human lives were talking about here, unless she doesn’t really care that her classmates is dying one by one.

Seriously, the ending where everybody just went all out killing anyone they see was very laughable especially the keeper who I don’t know what happened but just started killing the students too, as far as how close the students from being real, the finale did made an effort to end it with a “BAM”

Well, there are still minor flaws in this show that can make it pretty much unlikeable, like how they waste good time by being misleading (static phone calls, dolls, the doll shop itself)  and how they force the word “scary” in people’s mind but any ways that’s that.

Character Design, I preferred the manga version more. owh when did they ever had the idea that moeness is acceptable every time? *shooks head*



The thing is, Another is a good show if you don’t use too much logic into it and question about its origin every single time. If not for its flaws and if the ending was done right (more than what I anticipated) it can be awesome, but I guess, this was its limits and it did its best. I still think if you have time, you should watch it, It seems its one of the series that’s probably good to watch this season, well, yea I think so, but I couldn’t really say the same for everybody.


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